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方案名称:Nano-injection molding whole plant unmanned system


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      The automation solution realize the intelligent unmanned production of alloy shell Nano-injection of mobile phone. Based on the central dispatching system of material, the automated infeed production line, magnetic guidance AGV, intelligent load/unload exchange machine, unique designed four-axis transfer robot with injection molding machine and auto unload machine build the whole factory unmanned production, realize the seamless connection between different machines. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of product quality, automatic sampling function is avaliable to realize man-machine dialogue and real-time monitoring of product quality.

      The implementation of this automation solution effectively avoids the bad products caused by human contact and other reasons, and solves the problems of poor product quality stability, low degree of automation and high labor cost existing in current mobile phone enterprises.

       After the solution implementation, the rate of good products increased by 5%, and the overall production efficiency increased by about 10%. The labor in the workshop is reduced from 45 to 2, reduced more than 95%;

Realize unmanned production, with workshop production management system, greatly reduce the operating cost of the enterprise, improve the level of workshop automation, effectively