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方案名称:Modular Full-automatic Photo Frame Assembly Line

方案关键词:Modular Full-automatic Photo Frame Assembly Line


 Modular Design: The modular can run as a system and also run in one modular;

Intelligent: Material loading, cutting, transportation, assembly, nail angle, logistics, parts delivery, glue, back cover nail, tooth shape hook and etc., whole system automatically.

Humanized design: safety and labor-saving, meet the ergonomics design.

High-end Configuration: The core parts of the whole production line is world famous quality brand, ensure the stability of the system.

Process Optimization: The whole line follow the process essentials, optimize the layout of the work section, and integrates the work stations to ensure the highest efficiency, the best quality and the least employing.

Style diversity: including 80%PS frame material, covering 90% of frame size, including PS frame general style.