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方案名称:Panel Furniture Intelligent Sorting System

方案关键词:No interrupted; Arbitrary shape; Depth adjustable; Simple structure; Performance stability;


       The solution is professional for the plate mill square hole. No interrupted of loading, transportation, positioning, manufacturing, unloading and etc., two holes manufactured at the same time, arbitrary shape, depth adjustable, simple structure, performance stability;

      The solution realizes the full production line automation, including computer cutting board saw, edge sealing machine and rotary line, CNC machining center, CNC drilling machine, stick barcode, packaging, palletizing, packaging, winding film, warehousing, delivery and etc., save labor and improve production efficiency. 

      The production line originally required 27 people/shift for two shifts, with a total of 54 people. After the solution applied, on the same production output, the people is reduced to 15 people/shift and save 24 people totally, saving more than ¥1000,000 labor costs. In addition, realize the non-line production, reduce manual transportation, avoid collisions, improve product quality, the first pass yield is increased from 96% to 99%.