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Electric Adjustable Mini Servo Series

Electric Adjustable Mini Servo Series





· High speed · High rigidity

 · Special air circuit design to meet the high speed requirements of the external slow mode


1、The structure of the robot is high- rigidity, meet the high-speed and accuracy positioning requirements.

2、The traverse moving parts use steel structure, quality linear guide rail and synchronous belt, AC-servo motor drive.

3、The draw part is single beam designed, made by quality steel, linear guide rail, transmission by quality gear rack or synchronous belt, AC-servo motor drive.

4、Main and sub vertical arm are double-stage double-speed designed, quality air cylinder drive, special air route design, transmission by quality synchronous belt, compact design.

5、Three axis are driven by AC servo motor, positioning accurate, quickly and smoothly. Ergonomics designed HMI, 5.6 inch, touch panel, easy operation; Plc control to realize the multipoint positioning and palletizing; Mass memory, can store more than 20 sets of process program.