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[Qingdao TV] Kingerobot: Intelligent Manufacturing Helps Traditional Industrial Transformation and Upgrade


       Recently, Kingerobot  has systematically tested the high-strength steel hot stamping automation production line customized by an auto parts manufacturer. This production line includes equipment such as molds, heating furnaces, presses, etc. The robot can realize the collaborative work of different equipments through software scheduling management.

       Xu Peng, deputy general manager of Qingdao Kingerobot  Co., Ltd.: The robot runs at a very high speed. We can let the customer's heated workpieces complete the cycle from the heating furnace to the press within 4.5 seconds, greatly improving the customer's products. Production quality and process stability.

       In the past, Qingdao Kingerobot  mainly provided partial solutions such as processes and equipment. The company integrated internal and external resources and gradually expanded its service scope. At present, it has provided robot system solutions for rubber tires, hot stamping, woodworking and other industries.

       Chairman of Qingdao Kingerobot  Co., Ltd. Tao Xibing: We are an add-on material enterprise, which solves the whole system solution of the whole plant and the intelligent manufacturing problem of the whole factory. At present, its products can be exported to foreign countries in large quantities.

        Nowadays, from the "small and fine" mobile phone assembly production line to the "big head" rubber tire intelligent sorting and palletizing system, from the intelligent transformation of the traditional furniture woodworking industry to the research and development of the emerging LED and lithium battery industry production lines, Qingdao Kingerobot  around the market Demand, continuously expand the scope of services, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial enterprises.

Reporter: Xiang Wennian

Editor: Jie Fang