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[Headline]: Kingerobot launched its own IoT collaborative intelligent manufacturing system at the 2018 China International Robot Exhibition and won two awards.


        From July 4th to 7th, the IoT collaborative intelligent manufacturing system independently developed by Kejie Robot was unveiled at the 2018 China (Shanghai) International Robot Exhibition.

        The heavy appearance of this product is another pioneering initiative of Kejie Robot in the intelligent manufacturing industry. Faced with the upgrade requirements of customized manufacturing for industrial customers, Kejie Robot has created a data-driven networked collaborative intelligent manufacturing system, which is a "networked robot" based on stand-alone robots.

         This robot product has a flexible manufacturing control system + 2D / 3D visual adaptive recognition system, through the multi-sensor data processing, shape matching, structured light and calibration and other artificial intelligence technologies and machine vision algorithms to form the brain and eyes of the collaborative manufacturing system. . The open distributed IoT platform based on the middleware framework has the ability to integrate networks, protocols and devices such as Modbus, OPC, Zigbee, etc. In addition to the interconnection and collaborative control of the internal devices of the system network, it also has a convenient external communication interface, which can be integrated in The original ERP/MES system of the enterprise. In cooperation with the robots of the Kejie robot family, such as truss manipulators and gantry robots, as well as mobile robots such as AGV automatic guided vehicles, RGV ground rail vehicles and EMS suspended rail vehicles, a new concept of IoT collaborative intelligent manufacturing system is formed. This product has been widely used in 3C, rubber tires, skeleton materials, fresh, food, LED, lithium batteries and other industries.