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[Honour] Kingerobot won the most industrial value enterprise in 2018 - leading Top 30


      On January 9, the first China Robotics Industry Annual Conference was successfully held in Beijing. With the theme of “Promoting Innovation and Collaboration in the Robot Industry”, the annual meeting invited representatives from the national ministries and commissions, experts and entrepreneurs in the industry, industry-related associations, associations and alliances to participate.

      Kingerobot was invited to attend the annual meeting and won the Top 30 of the industry's most value-for-money companies in 2018 and the Top Ten Innovation Application Awards for Chinese Robots in 2018.

      Kingerobot has been implementing the “Double High” strategy. In terms of system integration, it uses high-end technology to meet the needs of high-end users, providing smart factories and whole plant automation for large manufacturing enterprises, including hardware, software, automation, information technology, and systems. A full range of products such as solutions. From the "small but fine" mobile phone assembly line to the "big head" rubber tire intelligent sorting and palletizing system; from the intelligent transformation of the traditional furniture woodworking industry to the development of emerging LED and lithium battery industries. Kingerobot takes the leader of intelligent manufacturing robot industry as the goal, realizes the transformation of traditional industry through the power of intelligent manufacturing, realizes the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and promotes the realization of intelligent manufacturing in China.