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方案名称:CNC Intelligent Machining System Solution

方案关键词:CNC Intelligent Machining System Solution


       The solution is designed for a high-end international joint venture and use a two-axis gantry robot to realize the automation connection between the front and rear processes of the end caps. The feeding line adopts special chain-plate conveyor to transport and position the workpiece. The two-axis robot clamp the end caps to finish the conversion between the unprocessed part and the finished product on CNC. The turnover & positioning devive, which is installed in the middle, to turnover the end caps 180°; The unloading conveyor is responsible for conveying the finished products to the next station.

       This solution is a typical solution, which is designed by combining the characteristics of high strength, high precision and high cost performance of two-axis robot with the production process of the product. The overall production efficiency was at least more than doubled, the product qualification rate reached 98.5%, and the workshop staff was reduced by 60%, which greatly improved the workshop productivity, effectively reduced the manpower demand, and enhanced the market competitiveness of customers.