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方案名称:High Strength Steel Hot-Forming Automated Production Line

方案关键词:High Strength Steel Hot-Forming Automated Production Line

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       The automated production line is positioned for the professional enterprise which is focus on the auto light-weight solutions, can provide professional integrated solutions for hot-forming process, mold, hot-forming parts, equipment and etc.

      The automated production line realize the automation of the production process, including destack, positioning, load, heat, unload, transfer, stamping and etc., meet the requirement of precision and rigidity of stamped plate and realize automatic production.


      Fill the industry gap of China. Using multilayers box-type furnace, greatly save floor space;

      High-speed and High-accuracy. Speed2.5m/s, Repeated positioning accuracy:±5mm;

      Light-weight design. A large number of light-weight material is used to reduce the weight of moving part, save energy and environment protection;

      Coordinated control of software and hardware, upper system dispatching multiple robots, heating furnace and punch working together;

      High efficiency and high quality, multi-axis linkage, flexible control, equipment operation more stable; Heated material from the heating furnace to the punch time is shorted to 4.5 seconds, greatly improve the product quality and pass rate.