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方案名称:Smartphone Automated Sorting System

方案关键词:Smartphone Automated Sorting System

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      The automated sorting system realize the intelligent sorting and packaging of smartphone in the global distribution center. Unstacking by robot, sorting by high-speed cross-belt conveyor, transported by magnetic guidance AGV, packaging by automatic packaging line and delivery.

      According to build the intelligent warehouse and distribution center, the system realize more than 2,000 skus of products’ sorting & packaging at the same time, avoid the human error and ensure the product quality and accuracy.


       The system, which including industry robot, cross-belt conveyor and auto packaging line, can automatic sorting 2000 models, more than 400,000 smartphones per day in one warehouse;

       One warehouse saves more than 200 labors and improve the accuracy and efficiency. The operating cost of the enterprise was reduced and the core competitiveness was effectively improved.