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方案名称:Home Appliance Industry Automation Solutions

方案关键词:Home Appliance Industry Automation Solutions

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Solution Introduction:

In the solution, the robot system realizes the intelligent transportation from injection molding to the assembly production line terminal, solve the existing problems in home appliance enterprise, e.g. low reliability of product quality, low level of automation, high labor cost and etc.;

The function of the mold management system in the system including mold identification, data collection of injection process, monitor equipment status, technology trace, production output statistics, information statistics & query and etc., solve the fusion problem of robot industrialization and informatization.


  • Unmanned production realized;

  • Real-time monitoring of production and equipment;

  • Increased the production efficiency of some products by 24%, increased the overall production efficiency by 10%, and reduced the labor by 70%;

The operating cost of the enterprise was reduced, the automation level was greatly improved, and the core competitiveness was effectively improved.