[Qingdao TV Station] Kingerobot: "Machine Generation" Helps the Upgrading and Development of Traditional Industries


    Robots are hailed as the crown jewel of manufacturing. Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd. has helped industrial upgrading and development through "robot generation" and changed the traditional manufacturing industry.

   This robot is the well-known "Dragon Gate Robot". The reason why it is called "Dragon Gate" is because the side of the device looks like a huge door, which is reminiscent of the New Year picture of "Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate". In fact, "Dragon Gate" has a deeper meaning here: through independent core technology, the "carp leaping over the Dragon Gate" of Chinese industrial robots is realized. At present, the "gantry robot" has been developed and produced to the fifth generation, which has completely changed the original production mode of the tire industry.

    Yu Pei'e, director of the development department of Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd.: This is our first-generation gantry robot product. At that time, the load was relatively light, the span was relatively small, and the speed was relatively slow. In the third generation, our span has reached After 10 meters, the speed reaches nearly 4 meters per second. By the time of the fifth generation of products, after lightweight treatment, our load can reach a weight of close to 1 ton, liberating workers from the high-load and high-intensity labor environment.

    The high-strength steel hot forming automatic production line developed by Kingerobot provides a comprehensive professional hot forming solution integrating hot forming process, mold, hot forming parts and equipment, which can increase the production efficiency of automobile manufacturers by 33% and help automobile manufacturers. Realize lightweight operation.

    In the field of smartphone manufacturing, Kingerobot has successfully broken through the barriers of foreign companies in the field of industrial robots and has become an important partner of Foxconn in the field of robots in mainland China.

    Zhu Yejin, deputy general manager of Qingdao Kingerobot Robotics Co., Ltd.: At present, more than 20 sets of automated assembly lines have been provided for Apple 8. In the past, after Apple's production at Foxconn, all of them had to be transported to Las Vegas in the United States for sorting. Now from Apple Starting from 8, all sorting centers were moved to Foxconn.

       At present, Kingerobot can provide robot system solutions for many industries such as rubber tires, hot stamping, woodworking, smart phones, etc., and achieve large-scale applications.

(Qingdao TV reporter Xiang Wennian and Yang Xiaoxing)