Intelligent manufacturing solution provider boosts China's intelligent manufacturing with robots

  • Gantry Robot
    Gantry Robot

    Realize automatic sorting, palletizing, saving people and improve efficiency. Widely used in rubber&tire, framework materials, fresh logistics, express sorting, power industry, new energy, new materials, military and other fields.

  • Truss Robot
    Truss Robot

    Kingerobot Truss robot has been applied to all production links of machine tool loading and unloading, rubber&tires, logistics transportation and other fields. It has realized the functions of single-machine stacking and de-stacking, multi-machine connection processing, and logistics transportation, etc. With the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and high automation integration, the truss robot have won the high trust of customers.

  • Logistics robot
    Logistics robot

    Logistics robots can bring a good experience to customers in different industries, such as rubber&tires, 3C, new energy/LED, special steel wire/cables, auto&parts, shoes&clothing, e-commerce &express, cultural and travel services, etc.

  • High-speed stacker crane
    High-speed stacker crane

    A new type equipment of high bay warehouse/ASRS that adapts to the growth of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, with the safe and reasonable structure design, intelligent&networked control system, it realizes the automatic storage&retrieval, and standardized management, and effectively handling large quantities of goods. Especially when high-density storage is required, it can greatly reduce storage and transportation costs, reduce work intensity, and improve warehouse space utilization.


Intelligent manufacturing solutions provider Robot to boost China intelligent manufacturing

    Kingerobot is a high-tech enterprise recognized by China, comply with the national "Industrial Robot Industry Specification Conditions" and "Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Supplier Specification Conditions". It is the winning bidder of the "Digital Workshop Integration" project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specializes in special new "little giant" enterprises, has two provincial-level platforms, Shandong Robot Innovation Center, Shandong Robotics and Precision Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center, and is a leading enterprise in high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong Province. "ZhuanJingtexin" small and medium-sized enterprises, Shandong Province gazelle enterprises, etc. Kingerobot products cover three series of industrial robots, automated logistics equipment and industrial 4.0 solutions with intelligent equipment as the core, including WCS, WMS, MES and other software integrated solutions. The core product technology level has reached the international advanced level, and the products are widely used in Rubber&Tire, 3C, Auto, Woodworking and other industries. Customers include Goodyear, Pirelli, ChengShin, Linglong, Sailun, Sentury, Foxconn, Toyota, IKEA, etc. It is the first domestic robot company to export to Japan in batches. It has been exported in batches to the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

  • 150000+

    Owns 150,000 square meters of R&D and industrialization base

  • 25+

    Over 25 years of professional technology accumulation

  • 300+

    Rich industry application cases

  • 35000+

    Sales of robotic products exceed 35,000 units


Intelligent manufacturing solution provider boosts China's intelligent manufacturing with robots


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Boosting China's Intelligent Manufacturing with Robots


Intelligent manufacturing solution provider boosts China's intelligent manufacturing with robots