[People's Network] Kingerobot Robot uses intelligent manufacturing to help science and technology fight "epidemic"


On March 5th, Kingerobot was invited to participate in the special live program "People's War against the Epidemic" on People's Daily Online and People's Video - Robot Enterprises Fight against the "epidemic". Tao Xibing, Chairman of Kingerobot, shared with netizens that Kingerobot is How to help science and technology fight the "epidemic" through intelligent manufacturing.

       Under the epidemic, it has become more difficult for domestic labor-intensive enterprises to resume work and production, and the operating costs of enterprises have increased due to labor problems. Under this crisis, promoting intelligent manufacturing is an important direction for future economic development. Kejie Robot focuses on the domestic mainstream manufacturing industry, and the smart factories built for the rubber tire industry, 3C industry, woodworking, automobile and other fields have played a core supporting role in the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and have made labor-intensive enterprises resume production under the epidemic. significant contribution.

Chairman Tao Xibing introduced the company to reporters

       For tire companies such as Goodyear, Pirelli, Zhengxin, Zhongce Rubber, and Sailun Jinyu, Kingerobot has created "all-steel heavy-duty tire gantry robot sorting and palletizing system" and "rubber tire intelligent sorting system", which have been approved by domestic Authoritative experts identified it as filling the domestic application gap in this field, and the technology has reached the international advanced level. According to the data, 9 of the top 20 tire companies in the world are customers of Kejie. Last year, a total of 1.1 billion tires were produced and sorted globally, of which 100 million were sorted by Kejie's robots.

       Gantry Robot

       The company's newly developed loading robot with the gantry robot as the core can be used for loading, stacking, and in and out of warehouses for epidemic prevention materials. The loading robot can improve the crowding and inefficiency problems in the loading process. The gantry robot can also be used with AGV to automatically guide trolleys, three-dimensional warehouses, conveyor lines, etc., and be used in tires, home appliances, protective materials, fresh food, express sorting and other industries to achieve product distribution, inbound and outbound storage, sorting, packaging and transportation. , to provide customers with intelligent and unmanned solutions.

        AGV products

       The company is an important partner of Foxconn in the field of robotics in mainland China. The "Smartphone Automatic Production Line" developed by the company is used in the production and manufacturing of multiple generations of mobile phones such as iPhone4 to iPhone12. In 2019, the global smartphone shipments were about 1.4 billion, and 1 in 7 mobile phones were produced with Kejie's robots.

       In addition, the stand-alone products such as truss robots and injection robots developed by the company can be used for material handling and sorting in the production field of labor-intensive enterprises, which can ensure the normal production of enterprises during the epidemic period, improve the resumption rate of enterprises, and achieve 24-hour uninterrupted work. .

       Truss Robot

       The remote industrial Internet maintenance system developed by the company can realize remote upgrade of PLC programs, access to remote robots, robotic arm operating parameters, fault parameters, remote PLC data collection and analysis, fault diagnosis, etc., making robot after-sales service more convenient and saving customers. A large number of human resources and time costs, through the innovation of after-sales service model, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise manufacturing services.

      The contribution of Kejie Robot to the epidemic through intelligent manufacturing has attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the industry. During the live broadcast, over 10 million people watched it online, and enthusiastic netizens from all over the country commented, interacted, and liked it.

       During the live broadcast, the reporter interviewed Professor Zhao Jie, the leader of the "13th Five-Year Plan" intelligent robot key special demonstration expert group, the director of the Institute of Robotics of Harbin Institute of Technology, and Li Yibin, the director of the Robot Research Center of Shandong University and an expert of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. professor.

       The two professors have great expectations for the future of the robotics industry in Shandong and even China. Facing the ever-changing market opportunities, robotics companies must realize the drive from a single market to a dual-wheel drive of technology and market, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of labor-intensive enterprises. After the epidemic, China's robot industry may usher in a new round of outbreaks.

        In the new high-quality development stage of the manufacturing industry, users' needs for automation and intelligence are becoming more and more urgent. Under the epidemic, opportunities and challenges coexist for Kejie Robot. On the premise of ensuring product quality, the company will reduce costs, shorten product production cycles, improve manufacturing flexibility and production efficiency, meet the needs of personalized customization, and make automation and intelligent manufacturing an inevitable development trend in the future manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing contributes to Kejie's strength.