[New Year's Message] In 2022, Kingerobot will take advantage of the trend, strive to be the first, and strive to become a unicorn enterprise!




《Take advantage of the momentum, strive to be the first, and strive to become a unicorn enterprise!》

——Chairman  Xibing Tao

Colleagues and friends:

   Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. Looking back on the hardships and hardships of the year, full of the harvest and achievements of the year, we wave goodbye to 2021, which is full of challenges and forge ahead, and welcome 2022, which is full of hope and nurturing opportunities.

  Here, on behalf of Kingerobot, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Kingerobot colleagues who have embraced the same ideals and marched forward hand in hand for many years, to the family members of employees who have been obscure and selfless, and to friends from all walks of life who have always cared about and supported the development of Kejie Robot. Heartfelt thanks and sincere New Year greetings!

   Drumming urges the levy, and good news spreads frequently. In the past year, all Kingerobot colleagues have worked together, made great efforts, and forged ahead. We have won a number of major domestic and foreign projects and achieved a substantial increase in performance. The company's gantry robot products have been exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries in large quantities. 40% of the world's top 20 tire companies are using this product. With strong product advantages, we firmly believe that it will become a single champion in the global segment. Must win; the company based on the intelligent sorting, three-dimensional warehousing, automatic assembly and other products developed by the 3C industry, has realized the intelligent transformation and upgrading of multiple three-dimensional warehouses and production lines for customers; the company's newly developed high-speed stacker, EMS trolley, loading Machines and car washing machines have been applied in batches to customers. With product iteration and technology upgrade, they will be widely used in more customers in the future; the company has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Geely Technology Group to enter the field of new energy vehicles, which will further achieve The track upgrade and scale expansion have made it a unicorn in the segmented industry; the company has been successfully selected as a "little giant" enterprise specializing in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, a high-tech listed company in Qingdao, and has completed the intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The acceptance work of the system solution supplier project and the key projects of independent innovation in Qingdao is honored and inspirational.

   Every progress and achievement of Kejie should be attributed to the efforts of Kingerobot colleagues and the support of friends from all walks of life. The brilliant achievements in 2021 will inspire all Kejie people to start a new step.

   The tiger squatted in the mountains and listened to the wind, ushering in the opening year of 2022. Taking advantage of the situation at the beginning, Kingerobot  on the new journey will follow the trend and take advantage of it, and it will be like a broken bamboo; watching the general trend, intelligent manufacturing is the general trend of future development. ;Because of the times, the new era gives us greater possibilities. We are more determined and unswerving to do a good job in innovation and development. The future is the best witness.

  In 2022, we will continue to uphold the concept of product innovation. Adhere to the product differentiation strategy and total cost leadership strategy, standardize and serialize products through innovation, cost control and other means, make them explosive products, and create a world-leading product level.

  In 2022, we will continue to adhere to the global market strategy. Through platformization, scale, and continuous intensive cultivation in the international and domestic target markets, we will seize the market position and technical strength with the championship level.

  In 2022, we will continue to maintain the passion in the early stage of our business, give full play to the advantages of each business unit, continuously increase our market share and reputation, and strive to be listed as soon as possible.

  Taking the dream as the boat, stepping through the wind and waves, and looking into the distance, we are traveling on the same ship of Kejie's great development. The ship reaches the middle stream, only by working together, inspiring the spirit of the strugglers, showing the new deeds of the dream chasers, and being down-to-earth on the big blueprint for promoting the development of Kejie and achieving the "small vision" of each Kejie people, can we achieve Let the dream shine into reality and win the future with hard work.

  In the new year, we must carefully plan, assess the situation, take advantage of the situation, take advantage of the situation, turn pressure into motivation, and turn challenges into opportunities. New products and new technologies require us to move higher; new markets and new fields require us to move deeper and more subdivided; new styles and new actions require us to move towards better and stronger.

  It is good to take advantage of the spring breeze, and it is when Kingerobot sails. We firmly believe that with the efforts of all Kingerobot colleagues and the care of our colleagues in the society, our company will continue to write a new and more brilliant chapter!



Chairman  Xibing Tao