【Product News】Explore new fields! Get through the "last link of warehousing and logistics", and the hard core of the fully automatic loading system of Kingeroobot has been launched!


     After nearly 500 days of exploration, many on-site seminars and conference communication, we have overcome 137 project difficulties and more than 130 transportation tests...   

    finally! The "Automatic Loading System" created by Kejie Robot for customers is officially launched!

    Up to now, the test of fully automated loading has been completed, and each link has achieved the expected results. Compared with manual loading, the efficiency is improved, and the transportation cost is reduced. One automatic loading equipment can replace 8 loading and unloading personnel. The loading and unloading error rate and product damage rate Both are reduced, and the stacking shape is stable, which has been highly praised by customers.

    Advantages of fully automatic loading system

    The automatic loading system can be used in food and beverage, grain, oil and wine industry, epidemic prevention materials, molds, chemical products, home appliances, chemical fiber products and other industries.

    1. Intelligently plan the stacking arrangement of the flatbed truck

    According to different customer requirements and model needs, different stacking shapes can be planned in the carriage.



     2. Large field of vision visual scanning recognition

     It has high-precision visual scanning that can cover the entire carriage of up to 17 meters, and intelligently recognizes the length, width and height of the carriage and the deflection angle of the carriage.


    3. Adapt to a variety of incoming materials



     4. Adapt to a variety of warehouse stacking splits

     The depalletizing module is mainly adapted to the splitting of incoming materials in the warehouse, and can be adapted to various forms of pallets and storage stacks.


    5. Adapt to different pallet shape requirements

    According to the length, width and height requirements of different models, the material sorting module reassembles the upper stack shape to meet the requirements of different carriages for product width, length and stacking.

    6. Multi-pick and fast-release to achieve high-efficiency loading

    The large-capacity fixture can realize one-time loading of up to 20-60 products at a time (can be customized according to product size, weight and requirements) to achieve efficient automatic loading requirements.