EVC Series Vertical Dryer
EVC Series Vertical Dryer
EVC series vertical dryer

EVC Series Vertical Dryer

1. The equipment integrates the functions of leveling, heating and cooling to achieve the best drying and curing effect;

2. The wind speed and temperature of each functional area are automatically and accurately controlled according to the set value, which is suitable for drying all kinds of paints;

3. The hot air system is designed with self-circulation, and the exhaust air can be easily adjusted according to the needs, which is highly efficient and energy-saving;

4. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, giving customers the safest experience;

5. There are maintenance channels between each functional area to facilitate maintenance;

6. The technology and craftsmanship from Europe, the quality is reliable.

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    Professionally designed for water-based and oil-based paint drying, suitable for wood composite furniture, doors, wardrobes, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other decorative panel workpieces;

   Through the spatial three-dimensional circulation transmission structure, the working mode of long drying time can be obtained on the basis of occupying little plane space;

   The equipment can be equipped with two kinds of trays: belt type and fence type.

Product parameters:

        1. Tray length: 5500 mm;

        2. Working width: 1300 mm;

        3. Working height: 900±30mm;

        4. Pallet load: 80 kg;

        5. Workpiece height: 5-60 mm;

        6. Workpiece length: 350-2400 mm;

        7. Running speed: 2-10 m/min;

        8. System heat source: hot water (air energy, steam, hot oil, optional);

        9. Equipment color: light gray;

        10. Number of trays: 30, 46, 60, 88 (optional).


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