TCM55-1300 Flip Machine
TCM55-1300 Flip Machine
TCM55-1300 Turning Machine

TCM55-1300 Flip Machine

    Cooperate with the feeding process of the paint spraying line to realize the overturning and conveying of the whole pallet (equal thickness) of plate workpieces.

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    1. The design of the keyboard-type pressing plate ensures that the short and small sheets are stably pressed without movement;

    2. Servo-driven flip motion, stable and reliable, with precise and controllable rhythm;

   3. Pneumatic adjustable pressure drive platen, the pressure is stable and controllable without hurting the paint surface;

   4. The frequency conversion stepless speed regulation controls the feeding start and stop of the roller machine, the operation is stable, and the sheet material does not shift.

Product parameters: (can be customized according to customer requirements)

       1. Working width: 1300mm

       2. Equipment length: 5500 mm

       3. Minimum length of workpiece: 350 mm

       4. Working height: 900±30mm

       5. Passing height: 60mm

       6. Running speed: 2-10 m/min

       7. Equipment color: light gray


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