Edge banding line
Edge banding line
Edge Banding Line

Edge banding line

Material-to-person delivery can be realized,

As well as continuous edge sealing of products,

Reduce the number of operators and labor intensity,

Reduce collision damage between materials.

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    The rotary line of the edge banding machine is mainly composed of the feeding roller line of the edge banding machine - the main machine of the edge banding machine - the discharging roller line of the edge banding machine - the lifting and translation mechanism - the belt conveyor line - the lifting and translation - the air floating table.

    Manually place a single workpiece on the front drum of the edge banding machine, and transport it to the edge banding machine through auxiliary feeding to complete the first edge banding. , cycle in turn, seal the four sides, and manually unload and stack after the four sides are sealed.

       Product parameters:

       1. Applicable sheet: length range: 250~2800 mm;

                                       Width range: 150~1200 mm;

       2. Working height: 950±30 mm;

       3. Speed: 10-35s/min;

       4. Can be customized according to customer requirements.


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