MLV6-70 Compact multi-layer dryer
MLV6-70 Compact multi-layer dryer
MLV6-70 Compact Multilayer Dryer

MLV6-70 Compact multi-layer dryer

A new generation of compact machines,

 suitable for leveling or drying of water-based and oil-based paints on workpieces, 

a perfect replacement for traditional long-flow tunnel levelers and drying equipment.

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   1. A 42-meter-long storage space is realized on an area of more than 8 meters, which significantly saves the site;

   2. There are observation doors at the front and rear to facilitate maintenance and cleaning operations;

   3. The workpiece is first in first out to ensure the same leveling or drying time in the drying box;

   4. The hot air temperature is set according to the demand, and the heat source is automatically controlled to increase or decrease the flow to adjust the temperature in real time; the temperature control is stable and accurate;

   5. The variable frequency motor drives the ball screw to make the vertical lift of the tray particularly accurate and stable, and the wear and tear is small;

   6. The outer wall adopts flame retardant heat insulation board to ensure the safety of the body. The mixed hot air flow self-circulation structure design reduces the heat loss of the system and saves energy;

   7. The evenly arranged ventilation and ready-to-use tuyere system can effectively ensure that the air speed and air volume between each tray are constant and evenly concentrated, ensuring uniform drying and high efficiency.

Product parameters: (can be customized according to customer requirements)

       1. Working width: 1300 mm;

       2. Tray length: 8700 mm;

       3. Pallet load: 120 kg;

       4. Working height: 900±30mm;

       5. Through height: 60 mm;

       6. Running speed: 2-10 m/min;

       7. System heat source: hot water (optional electric heating, hot oil, steam).


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