FL9-1300 leveling machine
FL9-1300 leveling machine
FL9-1300 Leveling Machine

FL9-1300 leveling machine

It is suitable for leveling or drying of water-based paint, oil-based paint or UV paint for flat workpieces.

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   1. The 50mm thick flame retardant and heat insulation layer ensures the safety of the body and the heat loss of the system is small;

    2. There are observation windows on both sides, which can observe the actual working conditions at any time, which is convenient for maintenance and operation;

    3. The working temperature automatically controls the switch of the lamp according to the set value of the demand to achieve real-time adjustment of the temperature;

    4. The self-circulation structure design of mixed hot air flow saves energy;

    5. Self-circulating cold and hot air mixing system ensures that the internal hot air temperature is more uniform and stable.

    Product parameters: (can be customized according to customer requirements)

       1. Working width: 1300 mm;

       2. Equipment length: 9000 mm;

       3. Tunnel length: 9000 mm;

       4. Working height: 900±30mm;

       5. Passing height: 80 mm;

       6. Running speed: 2-10 m/min;

       7. System heat source: infrared lamp.


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