Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Manufacturing Execution System MES
Production Management System MES

Manufacturing Execution System MES

Quality monitoring and traceability management

Equipment data collection and network control

Kanban pulls distribution and visual management

Production scheduling and process execution control

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   1. Based on years of MES implementation experience, configure real-time database, adopt multi-factory centralized and distributed deployment modes, quickly collect production data, and seamlessly connect with ERP/WMS and other systems to achieve product development , production logistics, product manufacturing, warehousing scheduling and other full-line digital control.

   2. Through the successful implementation of the MES system, it covers the data interaction of more than 10 types of equipment and more than 5,000 pieces of equipment, and realizes the intelligent management of multiple processes from wire rod feeding to finished product packaging. Combined with the deepening of lean management, the on-site Data-based, transparent and efficient;

   3. Improve operational efficiency, realize timely and accurate data transmission, ensure the smooth flow of information, and provide data support for leadership decision-making;

   4. Well-connected with the existing information system to achieve efficient and unified overall information support, and provide effective support for the formation of greater competitive advantages in the international and domestic markets.

    Kingerobt  data acquisition and monitoring platform (KJ-SCADA), as the neural network and center of Kejie MES system and logistics scheduling system, realizes the intelligent interconnection and intelligent perception between the upper system and the underlying equipment.

    KJ-SCADA is a combination of software and hardware. First, a wired or wireless workshop network is established to realize automatic issuance of generated instructions and automatic collection of equipment production line information and material information;

    An integrated workshop network environment is formed to solve the networking problems between devices between different communication protocols, as well as between PLCs, CNCs, robots, instruments/sensors and industrial control/IT systems.

    KJ-SCADA supports various common integration methods such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, ODBC database bottom layer, middle layer and enterprise bus. The acquisition service and other processing and analysis services can be distributed on demand, forming multi-point acquisition and multi-point services. There is no limit on the number of access points and no limit on access distance, so as to open up the connection between the production site process control layer and the enterprise operation management layer to support the company's lean production and gradually realize intelligent manufacturing.


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