High-quality, high-efficiency painting, 

suitable for decorative wood composite furniture, 

doors, wardrobes, cabinets, bathroom cabinets

 and other decorative panel workpieces.

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   1. There is a light curtain on the feeding conveyor to scan the plate, which can achieve higher spraying efficiency through control;

    2. Imported anti-wear belt, automatic setting can fully recover and reuse the paint left on the belt, which can keep the conveyor belt clean;

   3. Two high-speed and high-precision moving reciprocating spray gun arms make the entire working width and all edges evenly coated;

   4. The air passes through the multi-layer filter area before entering the spraying area to avoid dust pollution in the environment. The suction and exhaust fans ensure that the pressure in the spraying room reaches the best balance. Exhaust clean air through multiple layers of filtration.

    Product parameters:

        1. Minimum working size: 300x25x5 mm;

        2. Maximum working size: 5000x1300x60 mm;

        3. Feeding speed: 2-10 m/min;

        4. Maximum air volume: 18,000 cubic meters per hour;

        5. Total installed power: 15.5 kilowatts;

        6. Working height: 900±30mm;

        7. Overall size: 4700x4300x3060 mm.


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