Rubber & Tire Industry
Rubber & Tire Industry
Rubber & Tire Industry
Rubber & Tire Industry
Rubber & Tire Industry
Rubber & Tire Industry
Rubber tire industry

Rubber & Tire Industry

PCR/TBR production logistics and warehousing automation

Framework material production logistics and warehousing automation

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1. Tire intelligent sorting system

   From raw materials, TBM, curing to finished tires, we provide a turnkery solution of a whole plant automatic logistics system, including efficient sorting, transportation, ASRS, etc.

2. Automatic logistics system for tire steel cord production workshop

   It mainly includes four parts: AGV for finished product transportation, ASRS system, detection and temporary storage system, and packing & sealing system. It integrates AGV , joint robot, stacker crane, rack, conveyor, gantry robot, and automatic detection equipment. Breaking through the technical difficulties such as visual photographing detection, processing data according to different customers and different time periods, different machines and different units, and realizing a series of processes such as transportation, aging, detection, temporary storage, and packing of finished products after the round is off the line. After the application of the system, the processing capacity of the system reaches 180 creels per hour, saving more than 60% of labor, avoiding the wrong flow of material information and mixing products of different specifications caused by manual participation, and improving the quality of delivery.


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