UV4F-1300-CFive-sided dryer (compact type)
UV4F-1300-CFive-sided dryer (compact type)
UV4F-1300-CFive-sided dryer (compact type)
UV4F-1300-CFive-sided dryer (compact type)
UV4F-1300-C Five-sided dryer (compact type)

UV4F-1300-CFive-sided dryer (compact type)

UV curing of five-sided UV coatings for flat workpieces.

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    1. There are four lamp groups on the top, and the lightweight aluminum door hinge lampshade design is convenient for lamp replacement and inspection;

    2. There are two UV lamp tube groups on each side to ensure the curing effect of the side.

    3. The top 4 light boxes are equipped with centrifugal fans, which can effectively control the temperature in the light boxes;

   4. Using electronic power supply to supply lamp tube, it can achieve the best energy efficiency level with stepless dimming; small heat generation, stable, safe and efficient;

   5. Four sets of safety overturning cylinders, when abnormality occurs, it automatically turns over to block the ultraviolet light to avoid overheating and igniting the workpiece;

Product parameters: (can be customized according to customer requirements)

        1. Working width: 1300 mm;

        2. Equipment length: 4500 mm;

        3. Working height: 900±30mm;

        4. Working load: 80 kg;

        5. Passing height: 80 mm;

        6. Running speed: 2-10 m/min.


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