[Suggestions and suggestions] Artificial intelligence empowers the manufacturing industry, jointly builds an innovation platform, and helps the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry


    On the afternoon of May 17, the fourth meeting of the 13th Qingdao Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference successfully completed various agendas and concluded successfully.

    Tao Xibing, member of the Qingdao CPPCC and chairman of Kejie Robotics, participated in the meeting and put forward a proposal on "Accelerating Artificial Intelligence to Empower the Manufacturing Industry and Jointly Build a Qingdao Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence Solution Innovation Platform" to support manufacturing enterprises in resuming work and production. Technological innovation empowers the manufacturing industry and helps China's intelligent manufacturing.

    Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia this year, Tao Xibing has put forward proposals on supporting and promoting the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry and helping enterprises to upgrade their industries. In order to speed up artificial intelligence to empower Qingdao's manufacturing industry, promote the close integration of artificial intelligence and robotics, and remove obstacles and problems for the complex system of the manufacturing industry, Tao Xibing suggested that government departments should take the lead and join forces with industries such as artificial intelligence, robotic intelligent equipment, and high-end manufacturing. Excellent enterprises, jointly build an innovation platform for artificial intelligence solutions in Qingdao's manufacturing industry.

    Tao Xibing proposed that we should use branding and platform-based operation thinking to build Qingdao's manufacturing artificial intelligence solution innovation platform into an international and domestic influential symbol, and internally build it into an interactive bridge for participating companies on the platform, and become a complex demand for the manufacturing industry. , artificial intelligence technology, industry system solution case gathering place.

    At the same time, make full use of the experience of participating companies on the platform to build the Qingdao manufacturing artificial intelligence solution innovation platform into a platform for registration of artificial intelligence transformation and upgrading needs of Qingdao's manufacturing industry, the initial round of platform screening, and the review and selection of the expert committee. The platform organizes the demand side and the undertaker to connect and cooperate with the project, reducing the confusion and time consumption during the connection.

   In addition, under the guidance of various government departments such as industry and information technology, science and technology, we will truly empower projects in Qingdao's manufacturing process for artificial intelligence, and implement the establishment of a special fund subsidy policy. At the same time, with the help of platform operation and influence building, it attracts investment institutions to communicate and cooperate. For the projects after the platform has been sorted out and demonstrated, market-oriented methods can be used to encourage pilot projects.

   Tao Xibing conducts in-depth research on industrial policies, concentrates on research and solutions to industry problems, and through the professional technical strength and market experience of Kejie Robotics, empowers the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, provides advice and suggestions for the government, and does his best to promote Qingdao and even the whole of China. The process of intelligent upgrading.