[Conference] EPTC Intelligent Manufacturing in Power Fittings Application Technology Seminar was successfully held in Qinghai


    On September 27-28, 2018, the "Intelligent Manufacturing Application Technology Seminar in Electric Power Fittings" hosted by the National Transmission and Distribution Technology Cooperation Network and undertaken by Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd. and China Energy Guoyan (Beijing) Electric Power Research Institute Qingdao was successfully held.

    Technical and management personnel from the China Electricity Council Science and Technology Development Center, the National Transmission and Distribution Cooperation Network, and provincial (city) power companies in the country engaged in DC power supply operation, maintenance, and maintenance, experts and scholars from colleges and universities, design institutes, and scientific research institutes, More than 150 people, including representatives of equipment manufacturing enterprises engaged in DC power supply, attended the meeting. Wang Yixuan, Vice President of China Electric Power Evaluation and Consulting Institute, Han Wende, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Electric Power Technology Development Center and Secretary General of the National Transmission and Distribution Cooperation Network, Wang Jingchao, Chief Engineer and Team Leader of China Electric Power Research Institute, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Doctoral supervisor, deputy group leader Zhang Yisheng, and relevant leaders and experts from State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, and hardware industry attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Experts at the meeting conducted in-depth research and discussion on the impact and changes of automation, informatization and intelligent production equipment on the design, manufacturing and processing technology and operation and maintenance of power fittings.

    On the 27th, Xu Peng, deputy general manager of Kingerobots, and Wang Kai, senior engineer, attended the seminar and delivered speeches entitled "AGV Distribution and Intelligent Production Logistics for Machinery Manufacturing Industry" and "R&D and Application of Automated Stereoscopic Warehouses". The two technical experts shared the application cases of intelligent production logistics and automated three-dimensional warehousing of Kingerobot in the fields of metal processing and forging, auto parts, power meters and other industries, and shared in a simple way from demand analysis, program planning, container standardization, robots Problems that need to be solved in equipment selection, information system architecture design, modular interface, etc., will promote the application of intelligent manufacturing technology in the power industry such as hardware.

    On the 28th, more than 80 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the power fittings industry visited the Kingerobot Industrial Park. Chairman Tao Xibing and Deputy General Manager Du Yinming introduced the basic situation of the development of the industrial park and the company's future development direction in detail to the guests, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the guests based on the typical robot equipment on the company site and the application cases of the industry in recent years. and discuss.

   In recent years, driven by emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and artificial intelligence, with Internet technology as the core, Germany's "Industry 4.0" and the United States' "Industrial Internet" and "Made in China 2025" as the core The new round of changes represented are profoundly affecting the development of traditional industries, and the domestic electrical equipment manufacturing industry is constantly developing in the direction of automation, informatization, and intelligence. Compared with the past, the traditional manufacturing industry has developed substantially, formed a certain scale, and accumulated a lot of experience and technology. However, the traditional manufacturing industry cannot keep up with the era of efficient development, with low labor productivity, lack of core competitiveness, low management level, backward service methods and competitive pressures from the external market.

    Kingerobot has provided numerous Industry 4.0 system solutions for traditional industries such as auto parts, 3C, woodworking, hot stamping, etc. The robot system solutions in these industries are a powerful manifestation of the company's implementation of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and an important manifestation of the company's assistance in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through intelligent manufacturing. The company focuses on the mainstream production process and process improvement in these industries, which not only improves production efficiency, reduces a lot of labor, but also greatly improves the quality and craftsmanship of products, providing platform and equipment support for traditional manufacturing enterprises. In typical industrial system solutions, in addition to the stand-alone robot products, the company also creates an "iron triangle" model for customers, focusing on customer needs, giving full play to the advantages of software, robot systems/solutions, and logistics iron triangle operation modes to subvert the The original operating model is driven by hardware and software, realizing the upgrading of internal processes and industrial transformation and upgrading, creating Industry 4.0 solutions for customers, providing new kinetic energy for traditional manufacturing, and helping enterprises to build smart factories, thereby helping Promote smart manufacturing in China.