[Qingdao Daily] Kingerobot: To be an intelligent association enterprise in China


□Qingdao Daily/Qingdao View/Qingbao.com reporter Ren Xiaomeng

    Recently, the China Robot Summit officially released the list of 20 national "Top 100 Demonstration Robot System Integrators", among which Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd., a local enterprise from Qingdao High-tech Zone, was successfully selected.

    From the "small but refined" mobile phone assembly production line to the "big" rubber tire intelligent sorting and palletizing system; from the intelligent transformation of the traditional furniture and woodworking industry to the research and development of the emerging LED and lithium battery industry production lines...Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd. Use one challenge after another to practice the goals of your own industry reformers.

     Specializing in 3C industry: design assembly line for iPhone

     Many people know that ipone mobile phones are produced by Foxconn, but they do not know that the production line produced by Foxconn is developed by Kingerobot.

     "Our Kingerobot Co., Ltd. is an important partner of Foxconn Group in the mainland, and has provided Foxconn with more than 20 smartphone assembly lines and more than 3,500 application robots, including Apple 5/5S/6/6S/8 and other products. Mobile phone production is realized through our mobile phone assembly line." Tao Xibing, chairman of Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd., told reporters proudly.

    Tao Xibing, who majored in machinery, is not only the manager of Kingerobot, but also the core of the R&D team. "To sum up, I have been exploring the field of robotics for nearly 20 years," Tao Xibing told reporters. Although Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd. was only established in 2008, in 2004, he and his colleagues had successfully developed a five-axis servo manipulator. . "Even now, five-axis servo is still the mainstream of robot technology, and in 2004, our successful research and development also gave us a certain accumulation of technology."

     Being able to win Foxconn's mobile phone assembly production line project is also another progress based on this technology. "The emergence of the iphone4 has brought about a revolution in the 3C industry. Not only did the concept of a smartphone begin, but the hardware was no longer limited to plastic casings, and metal hardware began to appear." Tao Xibing said, this also stimulated the development of mobile phones Changes in the assembly production process - the fully enclosed metal shell will produce electromagnetic shielding, so the original integrated molding process of the injection manipulator must be broken up and become three pieces of upstream, middle and downstream splicing.

    "Don't think that this is just a change in pieces. It is not an easy task to assemble more than a dozen special-shaped parts accurately." Tao Xibing said. After repeated experiments and failures, Kingerobot finally successfully completed this R&D project, defeated many competitors, and obtained the opportunity to cooperate with Foxconn.

    Cross-border rubber tires: creating a "three-high" gantry robot

    If it is said that the requirement for Kingerobot to provide iPhone automatic production lines to Foxconn factories is "small and refined", then the gantry robot developed for the rubber tire industry is more like a "monster" and a challenge in a new field.

   "China is a big country in tire production, and Shandong is also an important production area for rubber tires. Nearly 30% of the world's tires are produced in Shandong. However, our production capacity has always been relatively backward, and we can only rely on high-intensity and high-intensity labor for production. The social and economic benefits are not high." Tao Xibing talked about the cause of the transition from 3C to tires. "We just thought, why not build a smart factory that can fully automate the entire production system such as manufacturing, sorting, handling, and palletizing with the power of smart machinery."

       In March 2017, at the standardization evaluation meeting of Kingerobots' scientific and technological achievements, the "all-steel heavy-duty tire gantry robot sorting and palletizing system" was identified by domestic authoritative experts as filling the domestic application gap, and the technical level reached the international advanced level. "The integrated system of the gantry robot, to put it bluntly, has changed the industrial landscape of China's rubber tire production." Tao Xibing said.

    It can reach 4.2 meters per second, the weight of one snatch can reach 1 ton, and the repeat positioning accuracy error is within 1 mm... The "three highs" characteristics of high speed, high load and high precision make this gantry robot new Rewritten the rubber tire industry. Tao Xibing calculated an account with the reporter: a standardized factory that produces 10 million tires needs about 3,000 workers, but if this gantry robot is used, it only needs less than 1,000 workers to complete all the factories. Production.

   Aiming at the industry leader: "1+3+N" model to open the market

    It has successively won honors such as "Foxconn National Automation Competition Champion", "Best System Integrator in 3C Field", "National Top Ten System Integrators" and "China Robot Golden Finger Award", serving Foxconn, Midea, Toyota, Volkswagen, Sailun Jinyu, Goodyear and many other high-end customers, and export products to Japan, Malaysia and other overseas markets, the development of Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd. has entered an accelerated period.

    "The rapid development of Kingerobot  is also due to our high requirements for ourselves." Tao Xibing revealed that in marketing, they adopted the "1+3+N model". "We focus on the leading companies in each industry and focus on the 3C industry. We aim at the Apple product series. As the leader of the industry trend, they will put forward the most cutting-edge and strictest requirements for our intelligent robots. We follow the highest standards. Completing R&D projects with standards will also be able to occupy the commanding heights. Then it will be promoted to the top three in the industry, and finally deployed to end customers in the entire industry." Tao Xibing said that this high-to-low marketing model helps them to quickly understand the industry The latest trends, keeping industrial technology up to date. Today, they have successfully implemented the "1+3+N model" in the mobile phone, rubber tire industry and furniture industry.

       In recent years, Kingerobot has begun to aim at the new trend - two emerging industries of LED and lithium battery. An automation system for the LED industry has been developed and delivered to an enterprise in Guangdong for acceptance. In the field of lithium batteries, Kingerobot has also achieved preliminary research and development results.