[Peninsula interview] Smart manufacturing fights the epidemic, Kejie Robot helps traditional enterprises transform and upgrade


    Recently, in the assembly workshop of Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd., workers are busy sending out the latest package of goods. Chairman Tao Xibing told reporters that this is a new type of robot ordered by a domestic company. After the arrival of the goods, it can help the factory to realize the production of fewer people, and it can solve its labor problems in the recent resumption of work and production.

    New robot developed in less than two months

    Affected by the epidemic, many enterprises will not only face labor problems when resuming production, but also face the phenomenon of sluggish output value. How Kingerobot can find new breakthroughs under the epidemic crisis is a question that Tao Xibing has been pondering, "We It is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise itself, and has rich experience in the fields of Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0, and smart factories. Although the resumption of work has brought a cold window for many enterprises, it is not the best time for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries." Tao Xibing quickly found the key point.

    In less than two months, under the leadership of Tao Xibing, Kingerobot quickly developed a loading robot with a gantry robot as the core, which can be used for loading, stacking, and in and out of the epidemic prevention materials. problems of crowding and inefficiency.

    On March 12, at the online promotion conference of intelligent manufacturing to help fight the "epidemic" in Qingdao and Kingerobot, Tao Xibing stood next to the successfully developed loading robot, and showed and introduced to more than 1,000 company leaders through the camera. . Tao Xibing said in an interview: "How to help enterprises to rationally formulate production, storage and allocation plans for anti-epidemic materials, how to establish efficient automated storage, sorting and packaging systems, and how to use software systems to dynamically manage anti-epidemic materials and make supply and demand fast. It tends to be balanced, and these are the starting points for our team to develop this robot."

    Tao Xibing led the colleagues of the research and development team to start from scratch. More than a dozen modules such as software, hardware, machinery, structure, design, and identification must be rearranged and combined. Each module must complement each other and be independent and optimal. The difficulty of research and development has increased exponentially.

    Focus on industrial Internet layout "smart" manufacturing

    With the advancement of the deployment of new infrastructure, the Industrial Internet has been paid more and more attention. As the chairman of the board, Tao Xibing has his own unique vision in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Kingerobot has aimed at the huge demand for robot products in the process of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the early days of its establishment. Over the years, after continuous reform and innovation, Kingerobot has now become an Industry 4.0 solution service provider with industrial robots, automated logistics equipment and intelligent equipment as the core. "The in-depth development of the intelligent manufacturing industry is inseparable from the Industrial Internet." Tao Xibing has begun to pay special attention to the Industrial Internet in recent years.

   "Kingerobot itself is a relatively leading intelligent manufacturing company. It will be relatively easy for us to do it in the industrial Internet, but doing it well is our goal." Tao Xibing said, "At present, we have more than 20,000 units for domestic supply. The maintenance and operation of these equipment have basically achieved network maintenance and maintenance." As more and more enterprises have begun to rebuild smart factories recently, the demand for unmanned and less-manned workshops has increased, and Kingerobot also Continue to provide customers with better products and services.

    In order to gain an advantage in the field of "Industrial Internet", Kingerobot has also carried out cooperation agreements with a number of domestic colleges and universities. The colleges help Kingerobot achieve software upgrades, and Kingerobot optimizes the production of products.