[Peninsula Metropolis Daily] Tao Xibing, member of Qingdao CPPCC, suggested supporting intelligent three-dimensional parking


    There are more and more cars, the roads are getting more and more blocked, and the parking resources are getting tighter and tighter. Parking difficulty has become an important part of Qingdao's traffic congestion control work. On January 3, a number of citizens reported the problem of parking difficulties to the "Representative committee members listen to you" column of this newspaper. Tao Xibing, member of the Qingdao CPPCC and chairman of Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd., also conducted a detailed investigation on the problem of parking difficulties this year, and put forward suggestions for strengthening policy support to promote intelligent three-dimensional parking. He proposed to use maglev parking, an intelligent parking technology, to make full use of existing resources and underground resources, multiply and expand the parking spaces, and realize "30-second parking".


     It is difficult to find a "space" for parking in the community

On the morning of January 3, after this newspaper noticed the column "Listen to you on behalf of the committee members", citizen Zang Hongyuan hurriedly sent his thoughts to the Peninsula reporter by email. Zang Hongyuan lives near Xiaogang and worries about parking every day. "All the parking spaces in the community have been sold, and the parking spaces are full. We can only park outside the community." Zang Hongyuan told reporters that there is a parking lot near the community. Owners who do not have a parking space in the car park their cars here. Recently, the price of this parking lot has been adjusted and changed to 350 yuan per month. Many car owners think it is too expensive and can only go out to find another parking space. "But there is no parking space on the road outside, and you will be posted when you stop." Zang Hongyuan said, "The parking space is too tight now, especially in a densely populated residential area like ours. I hope that during the two sessions, it will attract the height of the delegates. Pay attention and strengthen parking management.”

    Gao Wei, who lives on Jinsha Road, is also deeply touched by the difficulty of parking. Gao Wei reflected that the neighborhood where he lives is surrounded by new neighborhoods, and they have been moving in one after another in recent years, and parking resources have become increasingly tight. Gao Wei said that when he first moved into the community seven years ago, the parking spaces in the community could accommodate the owners of the community. However, in recent years, with the increase of occupiers and more and more car owners, the underground parking spaces in the community have all been sold out, and the above-ground parking spaces leased by lottery are also because there are too many monks and few porridges, only a few hundred people can draw one person. "More and more car owners can only park on the roads around the community. In the evening, the two-lane road becomes one-lane." Gao Wei believes that the problem of parking difficulties has become more and more serious, and it is necessary to fully Society works together to solve it.

     The traditional three-dimensional garage is "acclimatized"

     Tao Xibing, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Qingdao Kingerobot Co., Ltd., found in his research that the number of motor vehicles in Qingdao has grown rapidly in recent years. As of December 26, 2017, the number of motor vehicles in Qingdao has risen to 2.615 million. "Difficulty in parking", as an important part of the traffic congestion control work, has been incorporated into the municipal affairs. In 2017, the urban area focused on promoting the construction and preliminary work of 50 public parking lots, with about 29,000 parking spaces and about 10,000 parking spaces built within the year. "It can be seen from the data comparison that there is a gap between the number of new parking spaces and the number of new motor vehicles each year, and the gap in the number of parking spaces in Qingdao is still huge." Tao Xibing said.

    Tao Xibing also conducted research on effective ways to solve urban parking difficulties. He found that, from the experience of advanced countries or regions, implementing three-dimensional garage construction and accelerating the intelligent development of parking lots is an effective way to solve urban parking difficulties, and it is also an effective way to solve urban parking difficulties. An important measure of reform and innovation. "This kind of three-dimensional parking and public parking lot, which can maximize the use of land resources, is relatively lagging behind in the application of Qingdao, and some are 'unaccustomed to the soil and water'." Tao Xibing believes that the main problem lies in the lag in the construction process and standard of three-dimensional parking, and the single user The high independent investment burden and the non-standard program design and engineering implementation make the construction of parking lots mixed.

    "The approval of three-dimensional garages involves multiple departments such as land planning, fire protection, safety supervision, transportation, and urban management. These departments have their own functions, have different opinions on parking, and the relevant laws are not clear. Now the parking lot-related planning and design specifications, fire protection planning The technical standards are mainly for self-propelled parking lots, so that most three-dimensional garage construction projects cannot find the approval subject, and sometimes it takes nearly 2 years to go through various approval procedures, and the procedures are extremely cumbersome." Tao Xibing said, secondly, three-dimensional garage construction projects. The cost of a parking space in the garage is more than 30,000 yuan, and with the increase in the scale of the entire garage and the increase in construction difficulty, the unit price may be higher. For the construction and operation of the three-dimensional garage, the return on investment period is longer than that of the ordinary self-propelled garage. "From the perspective of the development trend of Qingdao's overall parking contradiction, it is necessary to make full use of space. If there is a lack of policy support and long-term planning, and relying solely on short-term profit-driven market-oriented means, it is easy to form a scattered layout of parking lot construction, which cannot be satisfied in space. In the future, the need for parking expansion will make it difficult to realize the overall parking function of the city." Therefore, Tao Xibing believes that in the core areas with insufficient plane space, it is necessary to encourage the construction of public three-dimensional parking lots for regional services through policies and financial means.


   In addition, Tao Xibing found in the research that some three-dimensional parking lots have the problem of low utilization rate. There are also some three-dimensional garages that do not consider the salty and humid air environment along the coast of Qingdao, resulting in rapid corrosion of the garage structure, which has a negative impact on aesthetics and quality reliability. "Because of the lack of localized policies, regulations and technical standards in the planning and construction of three-dimensional parking, blind construction has affected the user experience and the enthusiasm for using the three-dimensional garage." He said.

    New technology, as long as you download an APP, you can automatically park and pick up the car

Tao Xibing, who deals with intelligent robots every day, specially put forward a proposal to strengthen policy support to promote intelligent three-dimensional parking, and will submit a proposal at this year's two sessions.

    "As the number of motor vehicles continues to grow and land resources become more and more scarce, intelligent three-dimensional parking will be more and more recognized and valued by people, and it will become a future trend." To this end, Tao Xibing suggested the establishment of a project in the direction of static traffic. The technology center conducts research, development and application of new technologies such as magnetic levitation electromagnetic drive technology for 30-second car pickup, automatic parking technology for unmanned robots, dynamic management cloud for parking spaces, and surface treatment of structural parts in salt spray environments to promote industrial development.

    Tao Xibing described to reporters a beautiful scene of smart parking using magnetic levitation electromagnetic drive technology: "You only need to download a parking APP in your hand, drive your car to the entrance of the underground parking lot, and then you can get off. After pressing the parking button, the garage door opens, It will use magnetic levitation electromagnetic drive technology and unmanned robot automatic parking technology to realize parking for you. When you want to pick up the car, you can press the pick up car through the mobile APP during the process of going downstairs, and the garage will receive the instruction. The car is automatically picked up for you. When you walk to the garage door, the car is already waiting for you. The process of parking and picking up the car does not require the owner to participate, and it only takes 30 seconds to complete.”

    Tao Xibing said that the magnetic levitation electromagnetic drive technology is already a mature technology and can be well used in intelligent parking. "The biggest advantage of this smart parking method is that it can make full use of space resources. For example, a community needs to build a 3-story underground parking lot to reach 1,200 parking spaces, while using three-dimensional parking may only need to build one floor."

    However, he believes that to achieve a friendly intelligent three-dimensional parking experience, and to realize the effective use of space and time, it is inseparable from perfect legal protection and related policy support. He suggested that one is to set up a work promotion committee for intelligent three-dimensional parking in Qingdao to form the norms for the planning, construction and implementation of intelligent three-dimensional parking in Qingdao; the other is to establish a corresponding fund to provide certain funds for the construction and operation of intelligent three-dimensional parking garages Support, encourage the parking garage to upgrade in the direction of three-dimensional, intensive, modular and green, encourage the participation of social forces, promote the maturity of technology through capital means, and create a new pattern and new ideas for intelligent three-dimensional parking for the future development of the city , the new mode.


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